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Data is Powerful      

QM Ventures senior management team has over 20 years experience on the database management and digital marketing side across our 3 key practice areas: Healthcare/Pharmaceutical – Luxury Consumer – Business -Business Solutions.


QM Ventures strength is in leveraging our IP (Intellectual Property) in the development of proprietary niche databases that are both opted-in and based off of Individual Self-Reported Information.


Data Solutions that are built around Self Reported Information rather than Modeled Information or Aggregated Information are intrinsically more accurate. What this means for our partners is our ability to produce more cost-effective multi-channel solutions that drive our partners ROI.


QM Ventures creates a people centric approach approach to understanding and engaging their audience across all media channels, both online as well as offline.


QM Ventures helps marketers businesses transform target audiences to people. For over 20 years we have been uncovering and adding new business insights and analysis to unique data sets in order to be able to create new value for our partners.

1 to 1 Marketing

Where you see data we see people and we create value by uncovering  new unique data attributes per each individual and linking these attributes into our proprietary matrix in order to be able to create a new narrative for our partners.


1 to 1 Marketing is a concept based on the methodology of focusing now on the Universe or a distinct cohort but rather drilling down to the individual level.


QM Ventures is able to execute 1 to 1 Marketing , because our unique proprietary data solutions have created a 360 degree profile down to each individual. We look at the individual and never the universe.