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Revised Phys for HCP Solution Page

Optima Solution

What is Optima?


Optima Solution is the premiere HCP Database to specifically service the Pharmaceutical industry from a Global Perspective.  Optima provides our partners within the healthcare industry with a 360-degree singular profile view down to the physician level.


Optima has built out a complete 360-degree audience profile of the individual physician by integrating both Behavioral & Demographic attributes.


Optima Solution represents a horizontal & vertical integration of the following Modules; HCP Solution – Claims Data (USA) – Patient Solution.


Optima Solution is 100% powered and fueled by 1st Party data from the individual physician via our Online Survey Solution, which we leverage in order to collect and integrate the Behavioral & Demographic attributes of the physician


The solution consists of over 200 unique data points in order to complete the profile picture for the individual physician.


Why Optima?


The limitations with the current RM (Relationship Marketing) & CLM (Closed Loop Marketing) programs being run by the pharmaceutical and medical device industry stems from the incomplete data sets being used to power these different programs.


RM & CLM marketing programs are only as good as the data that are used to leverage these different initiatives. Current data solutions are providing incomplete profile views for each individual physician.


Optima maximizes the number of unique data attributes both on the demographic, behavioral and claims data side for each individual physician.

The increased number of data attributes per each individual physician allows for our partners to truly engage in Content Marketing and drive their ROI’s per each individual engagement program.



Data Metrics


Optima Solutions covers over 950,000+ unique physicians across all specialties in the United States associated with 1.9 Million unique emails. The solution contains 1.6 Million unique physicians in Europe associated with over 2.4 Million unique emails. The solution is Global with footprints across all the major regions and markets.


Optima is an organic solution that is updated on a real time basis daily.



Physician Affiliation


QM Ventures uses Tax ID in the United States to map/affiliate each individual Physician to each Hospital and or Medical Practice that they are affiliated with.


Demographic Information


QM Ventures has over 200+ unique demographic attributes per each individual physician in order to be able to build a 360 degree physician profile. The attribues include but are not limited to:


  • Unique ID

  • Specialty

  • Board Certification

  • Sub Specialty

  • Area of Interest/Focus

  • Medical School

  • Hospital Affiliation

  • Practice Affiliation

  • White Space Physician

  • KOL

  • Digital Influencer

  • Early Adopter

  • Tele Medicine

  • Medical Conference

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Language

  • Claims Data


Channel Touch Points


QM Ventures has the following touch points available per each physician:


  • Postal Address

  • Telephone

  • Email Address

  • IP Address




QM Ventures has solicited and obtained the individual permission/consent from each HCP (Healthcare Professional) to use their PII (Personal Identifiable Permission). Each HCP has given their explicit permission/consent for QM Ventures to use the following:


  • Email Address

  • Telephone Number

  • Fax Number

  • IP Address

  • Cookie

  • Postal Address


Each HCP provides QM Ventures their consent by visiting our HCP Registration Portal on our website. It is during this time that we ask each HCP to indicate the vertical (Pharmaceutical/Health-Wellness/Insurance/CME/Publishing/Practice) that they would like to receive information and to indicate their preferred type of information that they would like to receive.