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High Income/Luxury File Solutions

QM Ventures is the leading provider of Opted-In Data Solutions for the Consumer High Income/Luxury vertical. QM Ventures High Income/Luxury File Solutions are Global solutions with footprints in all of the key regions and markets.


QM Ventures solutions in this vertical include:


1. Luxury Brand Solution

2. Luxury Hotel Solution

3. Luxury Cruise Ship Solutions


QM Venture's niche solutions are proprietary solutions that are based around the following two concepts:


1. Self Reported Information

2. 100% Opted-In


Our Solutions in this vertical cpatures the following channel touch points:


1. Postal Address

2. Email Address

3. Telephone Number

4. IP Address


QM Ventures Solutions in this Luxury Vertical are rich in the number of unique data attributes that we have captured per each individual consumer. Our data solutions afford luxury marketers with the maximum number of consumer behavior insights and demographic information in order to do their segmentation.


The Self Reported Information on the part of each individual consumer allows QM Venture to be able to map the behavioral insights for each Consumer from our different solutions.


Demographic Insights

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Credit Score

  • Income

  • Wealth

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Education

  • Marriage Status

  • Children

  • Vacation Home or 2nd Home


Behavioral Insights

  • Travel

  • Health/Wellness

  • Fitness

  • Organic Foods

  • Alternative Medicine

  • Antiques

  • Art

  • Film/Music/Entertainment

  • Sporting Events

  • Food/Cusine

  • Charity/Non Profit

  • Investment

  • Auction House

  • Museums

  • Books/Literature

  • Volunteer

  • Casino/Gambling


Each of our solutions in this vertical was built on the Self Reported Information from each Consumer. QM Ventures does not aggregate data from 3rd parties or models data in order to be able to build the behavioral insights per each consumer. Rather we solicit and obtain the demographic and behvior insight data directly from each consumer.


It is our Self Reported Methodology which differentiates our solution from other solutions in this space and it is what drives the accuracy and responsiveness of our solutions.


The other aspect of our solutions which differentiates and enhances our solutions to be the premiere solutions in this vertical is the fact that all of our solutions are 100% opted-in for Email Address


USA Consumer Database

QM Ventures Consumer Database for the USA consists of 135 Million Adult Consumers with both Demographic as well as Behavioral Insight data.


The following channel touch points are available:


1. Postal Address

2. Email Address

3. Telephone Number

4. IP Address


QM Ventures USA Consumer Solution contains the same Demographic and Behavioral Insights as our luxury file solutions.